Disc Type Oil Skimmer

1 Unit (MOQ)

Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier
Country of Origin India
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase Single Phase
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Product Details

220V AC
Available Depth
100 mm, 140 mm
Available Capacity
6 L/H, 8-10 L/H
Available Material of Disc
SS304, PU Belt
Available Disc Diameter
320mm, 450mm

Disc Type Oil Skimmer


A disc type oil skimmer is a mechanical device designed to remove oil, grease, and other hydrophobic (water-repellent) liquids from the surface of water or other fluids. These skimmers are commonly used in industrial and environmental applications to separate and collect oil and grease contaminants from water bodies, process tanks, or other liquid surfaces. Here's how a disc type oil skimmer typically works and its key features:

Working Principle:

Floating Discs: A disc type oil skimmer consists of one or more floating discs or wheels that are partially submerged in the liquid. These discs are typically made of materials that repel water but attract oil, such as oleophilic (oil-attracting) materials or materials with low surface tension.

Rotation: The floating discs are set in motion, often driven by an electric motor. As they rotate, they come into contact with the surface of the liquid.

Oil Attraction: The hydrophobic discs have a natural affinity for oil and grease, causing them to pick up a thin layer of these contaminants as they make contact with the liquid surface. The oil adheres to the surface of the discs.

Scraping Mechanism: As the discs continue to rotate, a scraper mechanism or wiper removes the collected oil from the disc's surface. The oil is then directed into a collection container or storage tank.

Continuous Operation: The process is continuous, with the oil skimmer continuously collecting oil from the liquid surface as long as it remains in operation. The collected oil can be periodically removed from the collection container for disposal or recycling.

Key Features:

Variable Speed: Many disc type oil skimmers have adjustable speed controls, allowing operators to fine-tune the skimming process based on the specific application and the amount of oil to be removed.

Self-Adjusting: These skimmers are often designed to automatically adjust to changes in the liquid level, ensuring consistent and efficient oil removal even as the liquid level fluctuates.

Efficiency: Disc type oil skimmers are known for their high efficiency in removing oil and grease from water or other fluids. They can effectively remove both thin sheens of oil and thicker layers of oil.

Low Maintenance: They typically require minimal maintenance, with routine cleaning and occasional replacement of wear parts as the primary maintenance tasks.

Versatility: Disc type oil skimmers can be used in a wide range of environments, including industrial wastewater treatment, oil spill response, coolant recycling, and other applications where oil-water separation is necessary.

Compact Design: Their compact and portable design makes them suitable for use in various settings and locations.

Environmental Benefits: By removing oil and grease from water bodies, disc type oil skimmers contribute to environmental protection by preventing the contamination of natural water sources.

Disc type oil skimmers are valuable tools for industries that deal with oily wastewater or encounter oil contamination issues. Their efficient and reliable operation helps ensure the separation and removal of oil and grease, contributing to cleaner and more environmentally friendly water management.


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